International Workshop


Dear Colleague

You are invited to participate to the International Training Workshop entitled:

Basics of Machine Learning & Python

Through this training you will discover how to build Machine Learning (ML) models and accelerated computing applications. Training sessions will be comprised of brief overviews ML fondations and hands-on programming sessions with SciKit-Learn and Tensorflow python libraries that will expose you to the bleeding edge of learning and artificial intelligence. You will explore several applications
The training will be provided in French language by a certified as a Huawei Instructor in Artificial Intelligence: Dr. Bassem Ben Hamed (ENET'Com, Sfax University).
Join us for a friendly and flexible training environment created to give you further collaboration opportunities.
All you need for this training is your laptop and enthusiasm.
All participants are encouraged to present a poster and obtain feedback from their peers and colleagues in the field. Awards will be given to the best 3 posters. A free spirit discussion and collaboration session is also planned to enhance the collaboration opportunities between the workshop participants and organizers.

The Workshop will take place in Marhaba Royal Salem****

A substantial financial support is given to participants who do not have a support from their research structures.